Craft Shows Are Cancelled? Now What?

Craft Shows are cancelled – don’t panic, make a plan instead! Customers can’t see or feel your work when your craft shows are cancelled. You have other options to get your work in front of your customers. Post your product photos and listings on a website, an ETSY Shop, a Shopify store and social media. … Read more

Craft Show Booth

Craft Show Customers For More Sales

Craft Shows sound like a great place to sell your handmade goods. But not all craft shows are good craft shows. Good is a relative term, as a show may be great for one crafter and not so great for another crafter. So how do you decide which shows to book? How do you know … Read more

The Power of a Good Pivot – Craft Show Edition

The craft show season in 2020 is much different than in previous years. As crafters, we can either plan and pivot or sit and hope.  I don’t know about you, but fall craft shows generate the most of my craft show income each year.  I do not want to leave my finances to chance this … Read more

Three p’s I do the week before my craft show…

Hello – spring craft show season is upon us and I am a week away from my first spring show.  I also have one the week after, so I have been busy making wood signs, home decor, t-shirts and socks.  But the week leading up the the show, I switch my focus from making to … Read more