The Power of a Good Pivot – Craft Show Edition

The craft show season in 2020 is much different than in previous years.

As crafters, we can either plan and pivot or sit and hope.  I don’t know about you, but fall craft shows generate the most of my craft show income each year.  I do not want to leave my finances to chance this fall!!

How about you?  We don’t even know if schools will open this fall with all of the students at the same time, let alone hundreds of vendors and thousands of people all in the same buildings.  Now, more than ever, we need to pivot and plan for our Quarter 4 options!

Sometimes you need a good pivot!

What OPTIONS do we have?

We can sell in FB Marketplace.  You post a picture, description and price and wait for people to comment.

We can create a private FB Group.  You can post your work and do Live Sales.

We can utilize a website or ETSY.  Make sure you use good SEO words in your titles and tags/keywords so people can find you.

We can look for a Brick & Mortar or Pop Up Shop.  You have to pay rent, a percentage of your sales or both each month.

We can do a FB Craft Show online.  You can set up a “booth” in your home and take pictures or create a video.

There are pros and cons to each!  Join the discussion and get additional resources HERE!

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