Wood Sign Face Lift

As a crafter, every now and then we have a product that just doesn’t sell.  Our choices are to bring it back the next year, mark it down, give it away or give it a face lift.  With this sign, I tried bringing it back another season, I tried marking it down and then I … Read more

Heat Press Hacks

I love my heat press – it is a faithful tool that has helped me create many amazing projects!!!  Most people use heat presses to make shirt and other designs.  Today I want to show you a few other uses for a Heat Press!! Watch the video HERE I would love to know what you … Read more

Heat Press for Beginners

Is a Heat Press on your wish list?  Do you own one but rarely use it?  I was so undecided before taking the plunge!!  I even listened to some of the Negatvie Nellies who tried to talk me out of buying one!  But the more I researched heat presses, the more I wanted one!!  Here … Read more