Perfect Customers vs. Department Store Customers

How is shopping at Target similar to shopping at a Craft Show?

Just how are craft shows similar to department stores? It hit me like a ton of bricks when I went to Target for just one item.

It was odd to only need one item at Target. While I was there, I naturally looked around at all the other things that Target sells. I paid attention to what I stopped and looked at as I worked my way over to the Goli gummies my husband needed.

How is the store similar to a Craft Show
Monday Midday – Target is similar to a Craft Show

Target Customers vs. Craft Show Customers

Walking through Target to get my Golis, I obviously stopped to peek at the dollar section. Next I went to see if they happened to have Clorox wipes – they didn’t. I went to grab a couple bottles of Golis and then remembered that they had a great pre-packaged salad at the deli. I grabbed a salad and headed to the check out.


That is how most customers shop at craft shows and that is not a good thing!!

They know going in what they need to buy. Maybe they have some vendors they always look for. Maybe they have a long list. Maybe they are with a friend and it is more of a social event. They typically walk through the craft show only stopping when they see something they need, want or like. Just like I did when I looked at the dollar section, cleaning supplies and grabbed a salad at Target.

This means, not every craft show customer is your Target Customer (as in Perfect Customer)!

Get More of your Target Customers at your Craft Shows
Tell your target customers about your craft shows.

How do you get more of your Target Customer at your Craft Show?

Tell them!

Tell them where you will be by posting on your regular social media sites. Send an email to your list. Give them all the details of the show.

Create an event on your business FaceBook page. Inside the Event, you can add the details about the show – the address, the hours, the entry fee, where to park, where your booth will be. This Event will become a central place of information!

Show Customers Your Products
Show your customers what you are bringing before the craft show.

What are you bringing? Why do they need or want it?

Build excitement by posting sneak peek pictures! Let people know what they will find in your booth.

Post in your Event as well as on your social media.

Ask for input on designs you are considering. This allows customers to tell you what they really want.

Show how your product solves a problem your target customer has.

Share your online shop information. This gives your customers the opportunity to purchase your products even if they can’t make it to the show or if the show gets cancelled.

For additional information about Target Customers check out my VIDEO.

If your craft shows get cancelled, you can check out my BLOG post for what you CAN do!

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