Craft Show Customers For More Sales

Craft Show Booth
(Craft Show Booth at Millard West Craft Show – my best High School show)

Craft Shows sound like a great place to sell your handmade goods. But not all craft shows are good craft shows. Good is a relative term, as a show may be great for one crafter and not so great for another crafter. So how do you decide which shows to book? How do you know who the craft show customers will be?

Craft Show Customers

First of all, I recommend you ask the show promoter who has shopped at this show in the past. Also ask how many shopped last year. This gives you an idea on the audience as it relates to your products.

If the customers are NOT your perfect customers, your sales will be low – don’t take it personally, it is just math.

The next question you need to ask is how do they advertise the event? Do they send emails, do they have yard signs, do they have a social media presence?

How does the promoter advertise?
Know who the promoter is advertising to – it is your perfect customer?

Again, you are looking for information on WHO is being told about this show. Who may attend and may be purchasing. If they have a social media presence, find out how you can share your photos to the Event and share the Event to your audience. This can help getting more of your perfect customers to the craft show. No one will promote YOU as well as YOU promote yourself!!.

Craft show with no sales
Have you ever had a craft show with little or no customers or sales?

I know I have!! I made the best of it that day, but did not go back to that show unless I saw future potential. One of my worst shows (in terms of sales) resulted in a great connection to sell my work in a shop where I continue to sell items years after that show!!

There may be other benefits to doing this show like getting experience setting up and tearing down, networking with other crafters to find better shows, or even getting used to being in front of potential customers and interacting with people.

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