Craft Shows Are Cancelled? Now What?

Craft Show Cancelled

Craft Shows are cancelled – don’t panic, make a plan instead!

Customers can’t see or feel your work when your craft shows are cancelled. You have other options to get your work in front of your customers. Post your product photos and listings on a website, an ETSY Shop, a Shopify store and social media.

This may sound frightening – so I recommend that you post photos on your Business FaceBook or Instagram page first. Post just the photos with a caption like “New Products” or “Which sign/shirt best describes you right now?”. This is not a hard sell and not a link, just some photos. As you get more comfortable posting photos you may notice people asking where they can get one or commenting that they “need” that one – this is your cue to add more information to your posts.

When you are ready to give them your shop information, post the link in the comments on FaceBook. FaceBook shows posts that have a link in the description to fewer people compared to posts with no links. Post your site link in your Bio on Instagram and mention that in your IG posts.

Now, they say a picture says 1,000 words, but when customers are used to seeing your work in person it is easy to see if it will fit the space they have at home. Here are some tips on how to help them “see” your work more effectively:

Taking Great Photos of Your Products

How will they know if my product will work for them if they can’t see it?

Use the same shelf, door, flat lay design or wall space to give the customer a better sense of the size of your product. Put an everyday item in every photo to help the customer get a sense of the size of the object. Include the measurements in the description along with the photos.

Let’s consider an example, In the photo above, I have small, medium and large sized wood signs on the same shelf with a mason jar. Most people have a mason jar at home or know the approximate size of one. This will help them determine the size of each sign in the photos.

Photos of t-shirts for customers to see

T-shirt sellers know each brand fits a little bit different. Whenever possible, use the same brands so repeat customers will know exactly what size to order. Ask some of your best customers to send you a photo of them wearing one of your shirts with their permission to share with customers. Like the photos above, you can trim off their heads if they prefer. Include a photo of you wearing your shirts too. Be sure to include the shirt sizes with each photos. Many people are more visual and will be more likely to order if they believe the shirt will fit!

An example of this is when people message me on ETSY if they are not sure which shirt size they need even though the size guide from the manufacturer is in my listing.

Show how you use the product

How can I up-sell or increase sales online?

Increase your product sales by sharing and showing how you use the product. Do you keep hand sanitizer in your car? I do and others have purchased hand sanitizer from our Pop Up Shop when I told them on a video that is where I keep mine!

Show off your products with pictures of your front door, porch, finished wall, table or room using your products. Showing what they can do with your products will help increase your sales!

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