Heat Press for Beginners

Is a Heat Press on your wish list?  Do you own one but rarely use it?  I was so undecided before taking the plunge!!  I even listened to some of the Negatvie Nellies who tried to talk me out of buying one!  But the more I researched heat presses, the more I wanted one!!  Here is the one I use!

I started pressing shirts and now press everything I can fit inside the heat press (garden flags, tote bags, pillow cases, stuffed animals and more)!!!  I am happy to share my secrets and inspire you to press all the things you want to!!  I have done several different live videos on my Facebook Page with my heat press.  I get so many great questions and some suggestions for projects!!  That tells me that people are very interested in learning all about heat presses!!

I recorded a video back in January 2018 and thought this video may help you decide if adding (or using) a heat press is right for you!!  This is a pretty basic video but I jam packed it full of great information!!  You can find additional videos on my page if you want to see more.  Just click the word VIDEO down below in blue and you will go right to the replay of the Live Video!


This post contains some affiliate links to products that I trust and use.  This means that I might receive a small commission if you make a purchase using any of my links below.

This is the heat press I purchased 4 years ago.  It is a great beginner press!  It is a 15×15 Clamshell press.  It is pretty heave so you want to make sure you have a good place to put it.  Click the HERE for more information.

This is the Hat Press I got in April 2018.  It is a swing arm press and so far I like it!  Click the photo for more information.

I purchased my pressing pillows from Stacey – I met her in a group on FaceBook and I love supporting other small businesses.  My pressing greatly improved when I started using pressing pillows!!!

Here is a link to the pressing pillows I purchased:  PILLOWS

Here is the teflon sheet I use on the top half of the heat press.  I use magnets to hold it in place


Here is a link to the Thermal Tape I use to hold down a tag or part of a design:

Here is the bottom “fitted sheet” that I use to keep the dense rubber mat from moving around HERE

Here is a shirt placement guide courtesy of Transfer Express

For a smaller person, I press in the top of the pink rectangle.  Smaller people usually have a shorter torso and the design looks better closer to the top (rather than the tummy)!!


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