My Favorite Books for Business!

It is so important to continue learning!  I prefer to read murder mysteries, but as an entrepreneuer, I have found some very insightful business books that have been very insightful and inspiring.  Here is a list of my favorites in no particular order: This book is for the creative people (like me). It talks about … Read more

Baseball and Business – What do they have in common?

We recently took our son to an All-Star baseball tournament in Florida sponsored by Game Day USA and I have 3 takeaways from this weekend that totally related to my business!  I wanted to share these with you! During the welcome speeches, the first coach said: “Improve, listen and learn every day otherwise you waste … Read more

Disney Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to the Disney Blog Hop!!  Here is your Blog Hop line up:  Cick HERE for the Blog Hop Line Up so you don’t miss anyone!! It has been a while since we had a Disney Blog Hop!!  A few years ago I was scrapbooking and my blog hop was filled with Disney … Read more

Pinterest Friends With Benefits

Pinterest is an amazing site to promote your business, products and collect information.  Pinterest pins are forever on Pinterest – some of my Scrapbook pins from 8 year ago are still getting action!! I no longer scrapbook, I now sell my work.  I personally drive most of my traffic to my website from Pinterest.  See … Read more

How To Re-Think the Red Light

  Do red lights frustrate you? Do you ever feel like you hit every single red light when driving? Or maybe everything you try to do just doesn’t go as planned?  Are you always in a hurry? It can be very frustrating, but does it have to be?  Do red lights remind us to slow … Read more

Plan to Succeed

When my business started to grow, I realized that I needed to plan better.  I had little Post-it Notes all over my desk!!!  It was easy to forget something or lose a note – can you relate?  I was spinning my wheels and wasting time looking for my notes! First and most important, you need … Read more

Arkon Mount

If you are a crafter who wants to create videos, or take amazing pictures of your work – the Arkon Mount is the tool for you!!  I just got my mount and you can watch me unbox it HERE I can’t wait to be able to video my hands at work!!  I love using my … Read more

Fonts, Fonts, Fonts!

Fonts can make or break your projects!!!  How many fonts is too many fonts?  Where do I get fonts?  Most importantly, can I sell my work with these fonts? If you download free fonts without paying for the Commercial License, you can not sell items using the font.  You can make things for yourself or … Read more

So Many Wreaths, So Little Time!

So many wreaths, so little time!  I make a few wreaths a year. Do you love those ribbon filled wreaths?  Do you want to learn how to make them? Do you like beautiful ribbon? Sometimes I make home decor with floral and ribbon.  I can not find a lot of supplies locally but found a … Read more

Amazon Prime Day 2018!!

Hello, Hello!!!  Have you heard?  Amazon Prime Day starts July 16, 2018 this year!!! The only catch is, you have to be a Prime Member in order to get the deals….and who doesn’t love deals?!?!? I have been a Prime member for several years!!  It costs $99/year which is less than $10 a month – … Read more