Pinterest is an amazing site to promote your business, products and collect information.  Pinterest pins are forever on Pinterest – some of my Scrapbook pins from 8 year ago are still getting action!!

I no longer scrapbook, I now sell my work.  I personally drive most of my traffic to my website from Pinterest.  See below!  My website is still a baby – almost a year old now!

Just like other social media platforms, the more you post the more traffic and engagement you receive.  Who has time to pin all day long?  How do you know the best times to pin? Taliwind knows!!!  You schedule pins and Tailwind posts them.  They have a free version and a paid version – the difference is how many posts per day Tailwind will post.

I have had great success being a member of a Tailwind Tribe, so I decided to start my own Crafty Tribe!  If you want to join, please click HERE 

My tribe rules are – Posts must be related to crafting, they must have a link to a blog or website (or they will be deleted),  I prefer sizes 600×1260 Canva size posts, for every post you add to the tribe, share the same number (example, add 5 and share 5), play nice!  You can check out Canva HERE they have free version that is great for beginners as well as an upgraded paid version.

Leave me a comment if you are interested in Canva Training and/or Tailwind Training!

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