Arkon Mount

If you are a crafter who wants to create videos, or take amazing pictures of your work – the Arkon Mount is the tool for you!!  I just got my mount and you can watch me unbox it HERE

I can’t wait to be able to video my hands at work!!  I love using my iPad to read comments and engage with my audience!  I do live craft demos twice a week and teach craft classes in my group monthly.  This mount will change how my audience can see what I am doing – it will be like I am standing across from them!!  How amazing is that???

In addition to my live videos, every now and then I need to take photos of my work and getting the perfect angle can be tricky!  Not any more!!  This stand has a very sturdy base and is adjustable!  I absolutely love mine!!  You can get one at 20% off with the code loriapgar at the website HERE



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