How Has The Pandemic Changed The Way You Feel About Craft Shows?

We all start out selling our crafts to people we know and it grows from there.

Craft Shows are the next natural step.  I started doing craft shows six years ago and learned how to promote myself and maximize my opportunities for shoppers to find me after the show!

Craft Show Booth
My craft show booth set up

You can get my best tips on promoting yourself before, during and after the craft show HERE!


Will Craft Shows Hold?  Will people attend?

If craft shows are a bust, what is your plan?  What are your options for TLC (Traffic, Leads & Conversions)?


What Ways Can You Increase Your Sales?

Whether craft shows hold or not, making a plan and a few pivots can be the difference between great sales and not so great sales.


How Can Pinterest Help?

Pinterest can help you generate Traffic, Leads and Conversions (aka sales).  I spend the least amount of time each week on my biggest Social Media Platform – while I am constantly sending people to my ETSY, Website and my FaceBook Lives.  And YOU can too!!


The details are in this VIDEO  (click here)

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