Is it time to clean up your craft room?

Every now and then, my craft room looks like a tornado hit!   I am guessing I am not alone.  I also never seem to have time to really clean, destash and organize it!  How about you?

Having a clean, organized and functional craft room will save you time and increase your productivity which will help your creativity flow!!

There is no time like the present to tackle this project – and I have NINE questions (plus a BONUS quesion) to help you decide what should stay and what should go!! I am not going to give you the answers because they will be different for everyone – only you can decide.  Be honest with yourself when answering these questions!

Question 1: 

When was the last time I used this bottle of paint, ribbon, type of paper, tool, etc.?  If It has been over a year – do you see yourself using it in the next three months?  If you don’t see yourself using it, then add it to the “go” pile!

Question 2: 

Is it easy and/or inexpensive to replace?   If you can easily replace it or even borrow one – do you really need to keep it hanging around?  Is that space better used by some other tool or supply that needs a home?

Question 3: 

Is it still on trend?  Is the craft you made using this supply or tool trending?  We all know crafts, like everything else, are cyclical but it could be years before the trend returns.

Question 4: 

Would you buy it again?  Like a favorite pair of jeans – sometimes it is worth keeping (or stocking up)!  If you answered no, well then you have your answer!

Question 5:

Are you holding onto these items out of obligation or for sentimental reasons?  Do you feel some strings attached?

Question 6: 

Does it fit your brand or style of crafting?

Question 7: 

Do you really need 5 shades of yellow paint?  Do you really need 300 paint brushes – most of which are hard and crusty?

Question 8: 

Is the glue dried out?  The paint dried out?  Markers dried out?  Scissors dull or gummy?  Is it worth your time to unclog and repair things?

Question 9:

Are you missing pieces or colors?

BONUS Question 10: 

What about the half finished projects??

AND what do you do with the stuff that should go:  donate it or toss it!  Many local schools or daycare centers will take your hand me down art supplies and extra tools as long as they work an are in good repair.

If you want to see a tour of my craft room and hear more discussion of these 10 questions, check out my live VIDEO!

Here are some of my favorite storage items and cleaners for my craft room!

I use this adjustable computer stand for my laptop when I am filming my live videos.  I want a second one for my work space!!

I store my vinyl scraps in one of these plastic drawer stands and my printer supplies in another one.

I keep my wood pieces on this metal shelf – it keep them inside away from the elements!  Bonus is I can see what I have!!

I have a similar wine rack for my rolls of HTV and sticker vinyl.

I love my carousel I got years ago from Michaels (you can see it in my video) but if you can’t find the carousel from Michaels, this one is similar.

I store my screws and picture hangers in these jars.

I am ordering one of these to clean my brushes!!

I use my Arkon Mount to take photos of my work and to hold my camera for selfies, to film video tutorials and for live videos.  It has been a game changer for me!!!

I hope I have inspired you to clean out your craft room and make it more functional.  I find inspiration when I have everything where I need it to be!!

This post contains some affiliate links to products that I trust and use.  This means that I might receive a small commission if you make a purchase using any of my links below.


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