Business Struggles and Solutions

Every small business owner has hit stumbling blocks while growing their businesses.  These stumbling blocks can stop us in our tracks, or give us the opportunity to power through and move forward.

Recently a local floral shop owner hit a stumbling block and made the decision to power through and move forward.  Her husband, also a small business owner, broke his ankle and can not work.  She needed to order flowers for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.  Without his income, money was tight.  So she made a difference in her own business by asking for pre-paid pre-orders.  She also asked for donations of vases that were sitting around collecting dust.  She did two things that made a big impact in her business!

When you hit a stumbling block in your business, no matter how big or small, how you handle it will either help or hurt your business.  Instead of saying “why me?’ change that to “why NOT me?”  If you believe in your business and quit – you will be depriving people of the help they need that you could offer.

What would happen if you did nothing?  Nothing will change!

Instead of giving up, define the problem and write down everything you can think of that YOU can do to fix the problem.  Work through the list!

For more detailed information, check out my video HERE!!

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