How do you talk to yourself?

Why is it that we are our own worst critics?  It doesn’t even matter what we are talking about…..I could NEVER do that!  I suck at techy things.  I hate writing.  I am so dumb!  Your voice can be so harmful to you, your goals and the people in your life when you say these things.

Negative self talk creates stress to you and the people around you.  Have you ever had a critical parent or teacher or friend?  If so, you know what I am talking about!!

It can also lower self esteem, lower motivation, increase feelings of helplessness and is linked to depression.

Negative self-talk can stunt your success!

So how can we change this behavior?

First of all – NOTICE what you are saying and when you are saying it.  Would you say this to your best friend?  Probably not!!  Don’t treat yourself worse than you treat people you really care about!!!  Self-Love is important! Noticing how you treat yourself currently can help you take the next steps to improving your Self-Love!


Second – SEPARATE yourself from your inner critic.  What you think and feel are not always reality.  When you are starting a diet and fitness plan, you log your weight.  The weight is JUST a number, a marker to see how well your plan is going.  It is the beginning of your journey, not anything else!  When you decide to pay off debt, the big, scary number is not a representation of your failure or lack of sticking to a budget, it is a starting point to getting it paid off!

The same is true in business!  Low sales is a starting point – we get training, assistance, or practice and then we improve.


Third – TALK BACK – Shut up Janice!!  Quiet down Debbie Downer!  When you start talking back to your negative inner voice, you take away its power!  Tell it to shut up!  You are not the boss of me!  I am not listening to you anymore!!

Fourth – REPLACE with positive phrases.

Change I can’t to I will try…..I hate to I do not prefer….I am not techy to I need extra time and practice with techy things.  I suck at writing……I am going to write an amazing story.  I could never water ski…..that looks fun and I want to learn how.

Next come up with some positive sayings to yourself.

You can do this!  You got this!   You are going to do great!  You are resourceful!

Write these down and place them where you will see them – on your mirror, next to your computer, on your cell phone wallpaper!  Say them out loud over and over.  In the car, in the shower or whisper it anywhere!!  The more your brain hears the positive phrases, the more it believes them!!

Positive Self Talk is a great predictor of success!

To see more, check out my video HERE!

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