Paint Pouring on Canvas

Paint Pouring is so much messy fun!!!  I have been wanting to do this for a while now and finally tried it!!!  It was fun but I learned a few tips for next time!!!

paint pour 1

This paint pour canvas was made with red, white, blue, sliver metallic and gold metallic acrylic paint.  I covered my works space with brown Kraft paper and small plastic cups (to hold the canvas up off the table).  In one cup I layered the paint with each color – one on top of the other.  I added a second set of colors into the cup.

To see how I layered the paint and got it on the canvas, click the link below and watch the video!


Here are the pictures of the second canvas I poured on:

paint pour 2

On this canvas, I used several colors including black.  The black really gave a different look!!  I just love all of the layers of colors and all the details!!

paint pour 3

Did you notice the little “eye”?paint pour 4

This shot has another “eye” and an upside down heart.  The colors of this canvas remind me of outer space for some reason!!

I plan to experiment more, but this video here is a great place to begin!!!  I hope it helps you!

My tips:

Cover your table with kraft paper!

You can re-use some of the drips and paint left in the cup.

Put 4 cups upside down to use a stand for your canvas to allow the paint to drip off the edge of the canvas.

Wear gloves and have wet wipes handy because paint will go everywhere!

If your paint is thick, add a little water to it.

You can always add more paint!!

Most important – have fun!!!

I put together a supply list for you in case you want to try this!

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