When I made the shift from in-home daycare provider who crafted for stress relief to full time crafty business owner, I needed to find a way to make more sales. My brilliant plan was to double the number of craft shows I was doing and double the number of shops I was selling my work in. I did not get the craft show income I was hoping for, so I had to find a better strategy. Being a Crafty Business Owner comes with no training, no manuals and no career path planned out for us!

I met a couple of amazing Business Buddies and we have had a group chat for going on 4 years now. One of them kept talking about Jennifer Allwood so of course I started watching her videos on FaceBook. I saw her interview Coach Glitter and I felt an immediate connection to her. I had to learn more. And what I learned has changed my business in so many ways!

I am a crafty business owner and sell my handmade items in craft shows, a seasonal Pop Up Shop that I co-run, and online. I love helping other crafty business owners get their work seen and sold! My first step was joining Coach Glitter’s FREE training!! My next step was doing the work (with lots of support) and rinsing and repeating!! I would love to introduce you to my friend/mentor/coach and share that same opportunity with you!!

Coach Glitter and I

Live Video is the fastest way to get your products and online offerings seen and sold! After I found Coach Glitter and did her Free Training, I continue to grow my audience and my sales online by going Live every Monday at 11:30 am CST. I also create my own content and have learned how to plan and organize my time – not easy for someone with “Crafty ADD”!!!

This was four years ago. Way before the Pandemic hit. What I found in March 2020, was my Live Video Skills would help me pivot several times and generate more sales in 2020 than I did 2019!! Here is a blog post about my 2020!

Here is my VIDEO from Monday, April 12, 2021 where I share more about this!

If you want to join her FREE Training all you need to do is click HERE. I can’t wait to see you creating impact with your own Live Videos!!!