Are you new to craft shows? Have you done a few but want to increase your sales? Are you not sure if craft shows are for you? Marketing yourself is one of the keys to a successful Craft Show! No one, not even the craft show coordinator, will promote your business like you do! Don’t leave it up to chance!!!

Craft Show Booth Millard West High School 2020

Before The Show

Before the show, you need to create a plan. That plan includes determining and making products that will fill your booth. You want to take your best sellers along with a few new designs.

It is also important to plan out your booth set up ahead of time so you can maximize the time allowed to set up your booth. Take some pictures of your booth all set up – you can post them on your FaceBook page.

Most importantly, you need to create excitement for the show. I start by creating a FaceBook Event for the show as soon as I sign up for the show. I include all of the information about the venue (date, address, time, entry fee, etc.). I add a photo of my craft show booth from the most recent show I did. I add a few sneak peek photos. Then I invite my friends to the event and share the event on FaceBook. I will continue to add sneak peek photos up to the day before the show.

During The Show

During the show, make sure you greet as many shoppers as you can. Give them the best customer service possible – people tend to buy from people they know, like and trust! Providing great customer service is the best way to show you are likable and trustworthy.

Place business cards on your tables or displays for people to take. Make sure they know you have other places they can shop for your items – ETSY, a Website, a FaceBook VIP group, a list of your upcoming shows or any shop you sell your work in. Pre-stuff your bags with this information too. Make it easy for people to find you after the show!!

Craft Show Marketing
Business Cards and other marketing material

After The Show

Follow up with the customers who placed a special order with you or had a question that you were not able to answer right there at the show.

Write a thank you message in your FaceBook Event and on your FaceBook page to those who came out to the show. To those who could not make it, let them know in your message how they can purchase from you. Thank the craft show coordinator and volunteers – this is an important relationship and is in your best interest to cultivate it!

Evaluate what sold well and what did not sell well – make note of this information to determine what products you should make more of and what products you need to phase out or find a different venue to sell at. How many of the customers were your Perfect Customers? Is this a show you should repeat next time?

Additional Information

For additional information on marketing yourself at a craft show, check out my Live Video!