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Get your work SEEN and SOLD by your perfect customers who are ready to buy!
Learn my strategy that helped me and others increase sales in my course, Create It, Pin It, Sell It!
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Many crafters are intimidated by learning one more social platform.

Pinterest is often one of the last platforms on the list!

Just a few years ago, Pinterest was a virtual bulletin board for saving recipes, party ideas, projects, etc.  Pinterest has shifted! People now come to Pinterest very early in the buying cycle – they are eager to shop!

This is why it is important to have Pins that are easy for them to find and that are linked to a product. Investing in this course will show you how to drive traffic to your products without having to buy ads.

By joining this course, you will:

  • Drive traffic to any website, product, landing page, shop, etc.
  • Be member of a dedicated Facebook group
  • Participant in weekly live Q & A sessions to personally answer your questions
  • Best of all, spend NO MONEY on ads.

Personal Experience & Proven Results
In this course, you will learn to:

  • Setup a Pinterest account and profile setup to target your ideal customer
  • Create “rich” pins and boards that are tailored to increase engagement
  • Post and strategize your pins for maximum number of impressions
  • Batch your content and schedule out month’s worth for easy management
  • Only spend up to an hour a week in Pinterest×300.png

Your customers are planning ahead for fall shopping – are you planning ahead?

Hi, I’m Lori!

I am a life long crafter and have taught many craft classes over the years. I recently retired from in-home daycare and was able to craft more. It took me over a year to figure out a good business plan for me! I would love to help save you some time and frustration!!

What will your next 3 – 6 months look like if you don’t drive additional traffic to your business?

Join Create It! Pin It! Sell It! and learn how Pinterest can drive more of your perfect customers to your products.

Course Starts Week of August 11th!
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